Meet David Polsley – Apprentice Technician

Setpoint Systems Corporation is pleased to announce David Polsley, apprentice technician, to our growing Irvine, California Office.

While David is a native of Colorado, he moved to California 7 years ago. David brings a wealth of controls experience, specifically in residential automation hardware. David’s multifaceted background includes sales and project management on residential new construction and refit for low-voltage applications.

As an apprentice technician, David will be responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of temperature control systems. Setpoint Systems Corporation apprentice technicians play a key role in assisting with project startup, planning, and scheduling.

Outside of work David is an accomplished marksman, and enjoys reading and staying current in the industry. David is also quite a fan of reptiles; he currently has four 9-foot Drumeril ground boa constrictors, 2 ball pythons, and a Guyana rainbow boa. Whoa!

Welcome, David!

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