Setpoint Systems welcomes Stacy Coons to our inside parts sales team

Stacy CoonsStacy Coons, Inside Parts Sales, dedicated to helping you solve your system integration and parts needs.

With over 20 years experience in customer relations, Stacy brings his expertise and thirst for knowledge to our customers who are interested in finding the best solutions. Stacy comes from a well-rounded background where he was able to develop his level of personal interaction so that customers are valued, heard, and put first.

Prior to joining Setpoint, he ran a successful gunsmithing business. When he saw an opportunity with Setpoint where he could learn and share his customer service skills, he decided he wanted to return to corporate America.

From the time he could walk, he was on jobsites with his father’s construction company, doing everything from hammering a nail to building a structure from the ground up. This experience taught him hard work, tenacity, as well as the ins and outs of the trade.

Stacy has received extensive product training from Setpoint and earned a Masters-level certification on Delta Controls products and applications.

He went to Drexel University on a golf scholarship focusing his attention on computer information systems. He worked in the IT industry for over a decade, and he will blend this valuable knowledge and skills to build the Parts Department at Setpoint.

Stacy lives in the mountains of Colorado with his wife of almost 15 years and young daughter. He enjoys golfing, shooting sports, hunting, and spending time with family.

Call Stacy at 800-372-8837 for help solving your company’s system integration and parts needs.

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