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Welcoming April to Setpoint Systems

AprilPlease join us in welcoming April to Setpoint Systems. In her 25-year career in the Denver area, she was a business co-owner of a product design and development company that started out manufacturing police equipment sold to law enforcement agencies all over the world. Eventually, the police equipment arm of the company was sold and the company transitioned to the awards and incentives market featuring custom imprinted products.

During this time April also co-owned a wholesale distribution company that sold automotive, commercial, safety, security and decorative window film. After that, she was an office manager at a company that manufactured paper tubes, such as the Quikrete concrete form tubes.

April was born and raised in Colorado. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, caving, and gardening. She has a daughter at Johns Hopkins University and a daughter that is in her junior year in high school. Her oldest daughter plans to become an international lawyer and her youngest daughter plans to become a plastic surgeon.

April is excited to work for Setpoint Systems Corporation because of the high intellectual caliber of the employees and the transparent management style. She is also looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the integration of building control systems.

How to use Setpoint Systems Corporation Log books

Logbooks are provided to all customers as a tool to be able to document the care of your Delta system.  There are 7 sections to your logbook:

  • Emergency information
  •  Operators log
  •  Service logs
  •  Equipment log
  •  Temperature control drawings
  •  Database programs printout
  •  Operation and maintenance information
  •  Back-up disks

We would like to highlight a couple key sections below.  These are important to maintain to ensure we are addressing the items you would like with our Setpoint systems corporation service technician.

Please refer to the emergency section of this book for contact information should you have a controls emergency after hours or need immediate service.  Setpoint systems corporation provides a local and 1-800 number for your convenience. 1(800) 372-8837

The operators log is a tool for the user to manage in order to list and identify needs or items you would like to review with your building automation system. By logging this material, your service technician will check the log book, review the items listed, and track process on all items for your review in the service log section.  This will help to develop a plan and keep you updated on all developments so you can get the most out of your TSA visits.

Setpoint systems corporation will also provide you with an updated set of controls drawings for your log book, so you have a reference to look over a hard copy of your controls at any time.

Your Setpoint systems corporation Logbook will provide user friendly and accurate insight into how your system is being serviced.

We hope you find this tool helpful and always appreciate feedback. Learn More Here

Denver Training Poll and Thank You

As you may know, Setpoint Systems has been offering free training for the life of your Delta Controls system for over 20 years and we’ve trained nearly 6,000 customers in that time.  We will keep offering free training and are always striving to improve and exceed your expectations.  One way we’d like to improve is by getting your feedback on which classes to schedule next.  If you have any particular class or classes you’d like to see scheduled soon, please use the following poll to indicate your preferences:  

We always like to thank our customers for their loyalty, and for allowing us to support and train them.  At this time, we’d like to thank our most recent training class–a Delta I class from this week in our California office:

Thank you for attending our September 2013 Delta I training class in California!

Thank you for attending our September 2013 Delta I training class in California!

We truly appreciate all of our customers, and are thrilled to read your comments regarding our company and the training and service we provide.  Here’s a quote from a customer who attended a class earlier this year:

“Outstanding program.  Setpoint Systems Corporation is head and shoulders above other companies I have dealt with…”  – Steven Walmsley