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Dan, Setpoint Systems’ Service Coordinator

In case you haven’t talked to him yet, Dan is our new service coordinator and started October 2nd.


Dan is a PMI certified (CAPM) project manager. He spent 20 years in the automotive industry doing inside sales and customer service, plus technician and dispatching coordination. He was challenged with keeping 65 technicians busy.

After leaving the automotive industry, he did account management and provided technical assistance and high-level account resolution. Later he spent some time with an architecture firm and utilized REVIT to create high-quality architectural designs.

When Dan saw the requirements for Setpoint’s Service Coordinator advertisement, he thought it was a natural fit. Everything that the job required, Dan had extensive experience in. Drawing upon his past experience, he is working to streamline existing processes while he is mastering his position.

He believes we could benefit with less manual processes and automate more of the day-to-day functions. He plans to learn ComputerEase more in depth and develop ways to be more efficient. He thinks his position offers both challenge and growth.

Dan grew up in New Jersey and had visited our state multiple times. He was determined to move to Colorado  and leave the east coast behind. Dan has lived here for more than 22 years and enjoys all our state has to offer. He enjoys his lifestyle change because he loves to fly fish, play ice hockey, ride mountain bikes, and snowboard. In addition, he plays lead electric guitar for fun in a band called The Dead Drifters two or three times a month. He has been married to his wife Gail for 17 years, and he has a son and grandson who he enjoys spoiling.

Please welcome him to Setpoint Systems.

How to use Setpoint Systems Corporation Log books

Logbooks are provided to all customers as a tool to be able to document the care of your Delta system.  There are 7 sections to your logbook:

  • Emergency information
  •  Operators log
  •  Service logs
  •  Equipment log
  •  Temperature control drawings
  •  Database programs printout
  •  Operation and maintenance information
  •  Back-up disks

We would like to highlight a couple key sections below.  These are important to maintain to ensure we are addressing the items you would like with our Setpoint systems corporation service technician.

Please refer to the emergency section of this book for contact information should you have a controls emergency after hours or need immediate service.  Setpoint systems corporation provides a local and 1-800 number for your convenience. 1(800) 372-8837

The operators log is a tool for the user to manage in order to list and identify needs or items you would like to review with your building automation system. By logging this material, your service technician will check the log book, review the items listed, and track process on all items for your review in the service log section.  This will help to develop a plan and keep you updated on all developments so you can get the most out of your TSA visits.

Setpoint systems corporation will also provide you with an updated set of controls drawings for your log book, so you have a reference to look over a hard copy of your controls at any time.

Your Setpoint systems corporation Logbook will provide user friendly and accurate insight into how your system is being serviced.

We hope you find this tool helpful and always appreciate feedback. Learn More Here

Help Us Serve You Better

Setpoint Systems Corporation (Setpoint) supplies a Technical Services Agreement (TSA) Manual to all our TSA customers.

One section of this manual is “Operator’s Log”. This is an area that the operator can keep track of questions and/or problem he or she finds between TSA visits. This log also is a way for the Setpoint TSA service technician knowledge of the questions or problems from the TSA customer. Once action is taken on the question and/or problem, the action is recorded for the operators and technician information.

This recording of the question or problem also allows future TSA visit to identify past questions and or problems for both the Operator and the TSA service technician.

It is also handy to have a log book, Personal Log by Operator, for writing notes on multiple items to be addressed. They multiple items can be taken action upon and recorded as well.

Please keep these Technical Services Agreement Manual and Personal Log by Operator located near the Operator Work Station for easy access for both the Operator and the TSA service technician.

If your Technical Services Agreement (TSA) Manual is lost or misplaced, please contact your Setpoint Service Account Manager.

Setpoint System Corporation Service Team

Author- Mike Brueggeman, Account Manager, Setpoint Systems Corporation

Why a Technical Service Agreement form Setpoint Systems Corporation- Part 1 of 3

Peace of mind:

When you have a problem, you simply call our service line and immediately begin talking to a highly trained and technically qualified customer service representative that analyzes your problem, dispatches a properly trained service technician with the right parts to your facility to get you up and running the first time out.

Discounted labor and Material rates:

No more haggling over each and every repair bill No more needing budget approval and wasting precious down time managing each service call. As a TSA customer you have preferred labor rates, deeply discounted Delta Controls and non-standard control parts and components. With a Technical Support Agreement only incentive is to get you, the customer, up and running as quickly as possible. Our focus is on up time

Phone/Web Support:

If you have a question our technical staff is prepared to assist at no additional charge to our Technical Support Agreement customers.

Diagnostic Services:

At Setpoint Systems, we believe in preventing costly downtime problems before they happen. That is why our Technical Support Agreement customers receive periodic Diagnostic Services customized to your needs, at no additional charge.

Priority to Setpoint Systems FREE Delta Controls training classes:

  As a Setpoint Technical Support Agreement customer, you will receive priority access to all of our regularly scheduled FREE Delta Controls training classes.  No waiting… you have priority over all customers without a TSA agreement.

Priority response:

As a Setpoint Systems Corporation Technical Support Agreement customer, you will receive the highest level of 24/7 response by calling our after hours support number 1(800) 327-8837. No waiting in a queue for the next available service technician. 

All this adds up to one thing…. we keep your building automation system running so you can pay attention to keeping your business running…….

Author: Aaron Nathale, President and CEO – Setpoint Systems Corporation