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Doing Good in the Community

Admin Volunteer Activity

Admin group volunteers for Xcel Energy Day of Service

The Xcel Energy Day of Service started seven years ago to honor the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Together, Xcel and their volunteers have created a positive community effect by tackling nearly 70 projects for worthy nonprofit organizations, all across Colorado.

This year, Setpoint System’s Administration group selected this worthwhile cause for a team building activity. As part of their department’s six month goals, they volunteered Saturday, September 9 to make a difference in our community.

The Admin team signed up for project work at the non-profit Lakewood Action Center. “The Action Center provides basic human needs and pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless” through a number of service programs.

Lynda, Steve, and Danielle worked at the main location of the Action Center in the self-service grocery area. The self-service grocery program provides food to community members who are on the continuum of need, have experienced a temporary setback, or have never been able to make it on their own. The three sorted through and pulled expired produce, which will be shipped to local farmers for their pigs, cows, and other livestock. They cleaned and refilled bins with incoming produce from numerous grocery stores in the area that donate to the Action Center. This self-service grocery program provides healthy food alternatives to people in need.

Virginia and Roger worked at the Action Center Warehouse. At the warehouse, the volunteers worked in an assembly line to fill boxes with a 5-day supply of nonperishable goods. Virginia and Roger were part of the group who assembled boxes at the start of the line. The boxes were loaded on pallets and at the end of the day Roger helped push the pallets back into the warehouse for storage and use at the next community food giveaway. According to the Action Center staff, a record was set thanks to the thirty volunteers at the site. The old production record was eight pallets of sixty boxes each and the new record is now eleven pallets!

All in all, the team building activity brought a good feeling. It was great to work with a wonderful group of volunteers and ultimately support community initiatives.

The Countdown to the Solar Eclipse

#SetpointSystems is excited about next week’s total solar eclipse. Aaron is even going to Wyoming to enjoy it there. Total solar eclipses are rare and extremely beautiful. On August 21, 2017, the skies will darken for an unforgettable experience. The total solar eclipse will only occur in a path about 70 miles wide. It will pass through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Observers outside this path will see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun’s disk. Anyone viewing the partial eclipse needs to wear proper eye protection.

In the Denver area, we will experience the partial eclipse with 92% coverage. The partial eclipse will begin about 10:23 am, the middle of the eclipse when the maximum amount of the sun is covered will be about 11:47 am, and it will end about 1:14 pm. The duration of the eclipse will last about 2 hours and 51 minutes.

To find out when the eclipse is occurring in your area  and also enjoy a video that shows how the moon will move over the sun, visit, courtesy of

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing event, visit to find activities, events, broadcasts, and resources from NASA and their partners across the nation.

Most importantly, enjoy this spectacular event. It is an awe-inspiring experience we can all share together.

Setpoint Systems welcomes Stacy Coons to our inside parts sales team

Stacy CoonsStacy Coons, Inside Parts Sales, dedicated to helping you solve your system integration and parts needs.

With over 20 years experience in customer relations, Stacy brings his expertise and thirst for knowledge to our customers who are interested in finding the best solutions. Stacy comes from a well-rounded background where he was able to develop his level of personal interaction so that customers are valued, heard, and put first.

Prior to joining Setpoint, he ran a successful gunsmithing business. When he saw an opportunity with Setpoint where he could learn and share his customer service skills, he decided he wanted to return to corporate America.

From the time he could walk, he was on jobsites with his father’s construction company, doing everything from hammering a nail to building a structure from the ground up. This experience taught him hard work, tenacity, as well as the ins and outs of the trade.

Stacy has received extensive product training from Setpoint and earned a Masters-level certification on Delta Controls products and applications.

He went to Drexel University on a golf scholarship focusing his attention on computer information systems. He worked in the IT industry for over a decade, and he will blend this valuable knowledge and skills to build the Parts Department at Setpoint.

Stacy lives in the mountains of Colorado with his wife of almost 15 years and young daughter. He enjoys golfing, shooting sports, hunting, and spending time with family.

Call Stacy at 800-372-8837 for help solving your company’s system integration and parts needs.

Welcome Setpoint’s New Employees


Setpoint Systems is growing and has hired several new employees.

This quarter we have held two new employee training classes. The first class consisted of two service account managers and one construction account manager. They focused on estimating and sales.

Our second class had a variety of different positions: two techs, one engineer/estimator, one inside part salesperson, and an engineering aide. After the main training was held, they worked with their individual groups to receive specialized training.

All of these employees completed five weeks of extensive technical training, product training, company culture review, plus learned our processes, procedures, and standards. In addition to classroom training, readings, and homework exercises, they earned a “Masters” level on Delta Controls “George University”.


Cody, Technician

Cody graduated from SCIT in Anaheim, California, and earned an associates degree in electrical engineering. After earning his degree, he moved back to Minnesota and worked as an electrician at various Minneapolis construction sites for a year.

Later he moved to Texas and worked various jobs while he figured out life. He is still working on the meaning of life and will share it as soon as he does.

Cody has been picky about his jobs and was excited when he saw Setpoint’s ads. He researched our company and thought it would be a good field to be in because of controls. He enjoys the atmosphere and culture of our company. It’s everything he hoped for, and he is looking forward to completing training. Cody will be working with Ryan in our Minnesota office.

He has been married to Sidney for two years, and they have a 15-month old son named Owen. Owen is his passion. Owen walks, talks, and runs… Cody watches a lot of Owen TV when he gets home.


James, Applications Engineer/Estimator

James earned his bachelors of science in mechanical engineering and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2016. After graduation, he worked full-time for the company he was interning with to be a quality/manufacturing engineer.

While James appreciated the job, he didn’t feel like he was able to move forward or to think critically. He was looking for a challenge and an opportunity to gain experience. His plans after college were to find a full-time engineering job, preferably in Colorado.

After he initially spoke with Sheri about the culture and what he would be doing at Setpoint, he was intrigued. During his interview with Sheri and Jon, they made him think critically about what he would be doing at Setpoint. He liked the way Setpoint challenges and empowers their people. He decided it was the place for him.

As part of the offer, Setpoint flew James to Colorado and had him stay in the company condo while he did his five weeks of new employee training. This made him appreciate how the company invests in their employees. After the training program is complete, he will be relocating to the Denver area.

James loves snowboarding, hiking, camping, and biking. He has a lot of friends in Colorado that he met while he was in the University of Kentucky ski club. Since there is no shortage of things to do in Colorado, he is looking forward to exploring.


Tammy, Technician

Tammy loves doing controls and is excited to be joining Setpoint Systems. She has been in HVAC for over 25 years. For the past ten years, she worked as an HVAC Service Tech until she was introduced to building controls. She loved it and said she discovered her passion.

Tammy started taking over the building controls and was subcontracted out to other HVAC contractors through her last employer. It was quite the experience, and she gained extensive knowledge about many different systems and their controls.

She has a lot of hands-on experience and believes in researching problems to achieve results. Tammy believes in strong customer service and often goes above and beyond to satisfy customer needs.

She has been married thirty years and has six adult children plus three grandsons. She enjoys spending time with her family going camping, fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

Her goals have been the same for quite some time—to have a dream job as a building automation programmer and to be able to share knowledge with her fellow workers. She is currently in college for her bachelors in information technology. She believes she will be a more valuable employee by combining her IT knowledge with her controls experience.

Tammy is really excited about the opportunity of working on Delta Controls systems at Setpoint.


Stacy, Inside Part Sales

Stacy comes from a varied background but has been interested in the building automation services for many years. For the past six years, he was running a successful gunsmithing business but was searching for more stability at a company he could feel proud to work for. Setpoint fits the bill.

From the time he could walk, he was on jobsites with his father’s construction company, doing everything from hammering a nail to building a 6,000-SF building from the ground up. This experience taught him hard work, tenacity, as well as the ins and outs of the trade.

From there, he went on to a golf scholarship at Drexel University and focused his attention on computer information systems. He worked in the IT industry for over a decade and plans to blend this valuable knowledge and skills to build the Parts Department at Setpoint.

Stacy lives in Conifer with his wife and young daughter. He enjoys golfing, shooting sports, hunting, and anything in the mountains.


Kyle, Engineering Aide

Kyle earned an associates degree in HVAC in upstate New York. He had been working in the Denver area for two years in the property maintenance field and was focusing on residential HVAC systems for multifamily housing.

Kyle is now looking forward to this new challenge and views it as an excellent opportunity to adjust his career path. He is interested in energy management, working with controls, and learning more about the Internet of Things (IoT).

He has been married for seven years to Natalie, and they have a furry kid named Jack. They enjoy hiking, camping, snowboarding, and exploring what Colorado has to offer.

He believes Setpoint is a place where he can make more of a difference. It is a more important field and has a bigger impact on energy savings. Controls will play a critical role in energy management with our growing population and the effects of increased energy demands and the depletion of natural resources.

Setpoint Systems receives Xcel Energy 2016 Efficiency Partner Award

Every year Xcel Energy recognizes their top performing commercial Trade Partners based on energy saving projects completed. They review commercial projects by total rebate dollars paid, kWh and Decatherm savings by program. Setpoint Systems was one of 28 Trade Partners who qualified for the awards.

Setpoint Systems helped clients earn $145,047 in rebates, saving 2,123,155 kWh. We strive to assist our customers in reducing operating costs and improving their bottom line.

We partner with Xcel Energy to improve your energy conservation program with energy-efficient equipment and systems. When you update your system, there are often rebates available. To help you avoid confusion, we assist you in finding all savings and rebates from Xcel Energy.

Energy efficiency helps us manage our resources wisely, while taking care of the planet.


Solar Bridge in London Completed and Operational


Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on new Blackfriars bridge

Blackfriar’s Bridge, which is the largest solar bridge in the world and part of London’s Blackfriar’s railway station, is finally finished. Work on the structure started in 2009 as part of the worldwide energy conservation efforts. The bridge crosses the river Thames and the solar panels that now cover it were installed by the firm Solarcentury.

Blackfriar’s Bridge was fitted with 4,400 photovoltaic panels, more specifically Panasonic 250 Wp panels, which cover the total area of the bridge namely 19,685 square feet. The maximum output of the panels should reach 1.1 MWp (megawatt peak) and is expected to generate 900,000 kWh of electricity per year. This is expected to offset over 50% of the energy needed to power the railway station. The solar panels are fixed and south-facing. The setup will also offset CO2 emissions by an estimated 563 tons annually.


Turning Blackfriar’s Bridge into a solar bridge was also part of a larger refurbishment of the railway station, which was enlarged with several new platforms. To offset the power required for this expansion, the designers decided on the solar bridge to help with the energy needs. Installing the PV array was very difficult, however, since the builders had to installed them on an old, Victorian era bridge, with the railway operating as usual and the river Thames below them. They were faced with many unexpected setbacks, such as corrosion on the arches and being forced to strengthen the existing bridge before they could install the solar panels.

In addition to the overwhelming energy producing benefits of using solar panels, they also have design and architectural benefits. Since the solar arrays are generally unobtrusive, they blend well with the existing architecture. Another great advantage of solar panels, according to the company that completed the work on Blackfriar’s Bridge, is the fact that they can be fitted into even the most complex engineering projects, while they can also be installed over a construction site or a functioning railroad.

During the renovations, the railway station was also fitted with other energy saving measures such as a rain harvesting system and sun pipes that will provide natural lighting throughout the building.

By Christine Walsh on Apr. 18, 2014

Source: Jetson Green

Join the National Green Week celebration

Forward Thinking

Spearheaded by the Green Education Foundation (GEF), National Green Week is an annual event that empowers schools to engage in sustainability focused lessons, projects or activities. From the first full week in February until the end of Earth Month (April), participating districts, schools, classrooms and youth groups choose a week and select from one of GEF’s sustainability focused programs to be their ‘green theme.’ National Green Week 2014 kicked off February 3, and participants can choose ANY week until April 25 to be designated their Green Week. With over 10,000 schools and 5 million students participating, it is the largest functioning sustainability education program running.


GEF’s sustainability programs are all free and are designed to be easily incorporated into the classroom. Each theme provides five days of standards-based lesson sets, activities, recommended reading, sustainability tips, contests and more. Possible green themes include:

  1. Green Energy Challenge – Empowers children to take small steps towards…

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