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7 Sustainability Strategies for Commercial Buildings

The office building industry accounts for nearly 20% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International.

A key part to curbing emissions is working with local and city officials, tenants, and other groups to help make entire communities more sustainable. BOMA International shares the following strategies for greening your facility and community.

  1. Get Connected. Local utility companies often offer demand response and other energyefficiency incentive programs for both residential and commercial buildings. Reach out to local utility companies to find out what incentives and programs are offered in your city and how your building can benefit.
  2. Make a Presentation. Does your building implement great energy management strategies? Contact your local chamber of commerce and offer to share your leadership insight with the business community in your city.
  3. Benchmark Energy Performance. Measuring performance is the first step toward improving performance. Benchmark your building’s energy and water consumption through EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Managerbenchmarking tool and encourage the rest of the buildings in your company’s portfolio and throughout the city to do the same. Make it a team competition to be the city with the most benchmarked buildings.
  4. Support Incentive-Based Energy Legislation. In cities and states across the country there is incentive-based energy legislation that make it more affordable for building owners to implement energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades. Find out if this type of legislation has passed in your city/state, and be sure to support it if it has. If it doesn’t exist, lobby your elected officials to create legislation to incentivize energy efficiency.
  5. Host a Recycling Event. Host a community recycling day where tenants and community residents can drop off hard to recycle items such as batteries and LED light bulbs. Don’t stop at your building; make it a citywide campaign.
  6. Teach Your Tenants Well. Your building management team is well versed in the latest energy management strategies. Terrific. But what about your tenants? Institute a Tenant Energy Awareness Program – use your company newsletter and/or building announcements to keep tenants informed about energy management goals and offer training, education, and tips on low and no-cost energy efficiency strategies.
  7. “Green” the Commute. Fewer cars equals greener cities. Get your city on the road to green by offering bicycle storage facilities in your building.

Source: Buildings.com


(WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 28, 2013)According to new analysis by Kingsley Associates, buildings that have earned the BOMA 360 Performance Program® designation have higher tenant satisfaction scores in all rating areas as compared to commercial office buildings without the BOMA 360 designation. Most notably, 94 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings report high overall satisfaction.

BOMA 360 is a commercial real estate designation developed by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International that recognizes all-around excellence in building operations and management. The program benchmarks building performance in six key areas: operations and management; security and safety; training and education; energy; environment and sustainability; and tenant relations. Since the program’s inception in 2009, nearly 650 commercial properties have achieved the BOMA 360 label.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the BOMA 360 designation is a valuable way to differentiate your building by demonstrating its excellence in the core areas of property management and operations,” said BOMA International Chair Rich Greninger, managing director with Carr Properties. “These findings clearly show that earning a BOMA 360 designation provides building owners and managers with an unmistakable return on investment that includes increased tenant retention and satisfaction scores.”

Kingsley Associates, the global leader in tenant satisfaction studies, measured tenant satisfaction in a total of 54 quantitative rating areas including property management, leasing, maintenance, security and property features. BOMA 360 buildings outperformed commercial office buildings without the designation in all 54 categories. In 2012, when Kingsley last performed the analysis, BOMA 360 buildings outperformed in 52 of the 54 categories. Other key highlights include:


  • 95 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings expressed high overall satisfaction with property management, and well over 90 percent of BOMA 360 tenants gave the highest marks to property management teams for accessibility, accommodation of special requests, communication, problem resolution, professionalism and responsiveness.
  • 91 percent of BOMA 360 tenants would recommend their office building to others, while only 87 percent of tenants in other buildings would do so.
  • 77 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings noted that they are satisfied with the value they receive for the rent they pay as compared to 72 percent of tenants in other buildings.
  • BOMA 360 buildings performed especially well in the area of security. 90 percent of BOMA 360 tenants expressed a high overall sense of security in their buildings, and 91 percent of BOMA 360 tenants rated building security policies and procedures as “good” or “excellent.” 83 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings also felt secure in building parking facilities, while only 78 percent of tenants surveyed in other buildings indicated the same.
  • 84 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings rated building amenities as “good” or “excellent;” only 79 percent of tenants in non-BOMA 360 buildings said the same.

These findings are based on an analysis of more than 3,500 tenants in nearly 250 BOMA 360 buildings compared to the Kingsley Index℠, the largest and most comprehensive performance benchmarking database for tenant satisfaction. For more information about the BOMA 360 Performance Program, please visit the BOMA 360 webpage.

About BOMA International
The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of 93 BOMA U.S. associations, BOMA Canada and its 11 regional associations and 13 BOMA international affiliates. Founded in 1907, BOMA represents the owners and managers of all commercial property types, including nearly 10 billion square feet of U.S. office space that supports 3.7 million jobs and contributes $205 billion to the U.S. GDP. Its mission is to advance the interests of the entire commercial real estate industry through advocacy, education, research, standards and information. Find BOMA online at http://www.boma.org.

About Kingsley Associates
The most successful firms in real estate rely on Kingsley Associates for cutting-edge business intelligence solutions. With a depth and breadth of insight unmatched in the industry, Kingsley Associates brings thought leadership and passionate client service to every engagement. Kingsley Associates is a leader in tenant satisfaction surveys, resident satisfaction surveys, client perception studies, strategic consulting and operations benchmarking. To learn more, please visit our website at http://www.kingsleyassociates.com or our blog at http://www.kingsleyinsight.com.

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