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enteliWEB 2.1 Facility Management Software- Key Features: Audit Log


A single consolidated log is available in enteliWEB to record operator actions, alarm transitions and device offline records.

  • Operators may troubleshoot by cross-referencing log entries from different parts of the system in a single view.
  • A timeline chart allows operators to visualize multiple log entries.
  • Operators can search through records quickly or use the Advanced Filter to find specific log entries.

Learn more at: http://deltacontrols.com/enteliweb or contact an account manager at Setpoint Systems Corporation for a live demo at: setpointsystems.com

HVAC System Safety: Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking

HVAC System Safety: Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking: From Goodway Blog

Let’s face it, HVAC systems are complex. Their various connected parts can harbor nasty biological contaminants including mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria and the droppings from rodents, cockroaches or other pests.

hvac-air-duct-cleaning-300x222Just as a HVAC system can spread air, it can spread contaminants. Even bacteria and viruses such as measles, influenza, tuberculosis and Legionella, which are transmitted via air, can flow through a HVAC system.

We’ve also addressed the security of HVAC systems, explaining that they are susceptible to accidental or biological chemical threats in our blog post, HVAC Security: Is Your Facility Prepared?

The problem is that facility managers and others involved in HVAC design and maintenance may not be taking security as seriously as they should be, according to an article in Engineered Systems Magazine. And it seems that few HVAC design engineers are very familiar with the subject, the article notes.

You can’t just assume that your HVAC system will never experience a contaminant issue. In fact, there’s a greater chance your building will be exposed to an accidental contamination rather than a deliberate one.

ASHRAE is currently updating Chapter 59 of the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Application, which covers HVAC security. It will be interesting to see what’s in the new version of ASHRAE, and if this topic will gain more attention after the update.

In the meantime, here are the five top questions Engineered Systems Magazine recommends addressing the next time you talk about your facility’s security plan:

  1. If your building’s HVAC system has an alarm to alert you of toxic spills (as it should), will the system also assist in containing fumes?
  2. Does the building have pull stations to alert others when a spill occurs?
  3. Are the HVAC systems and the connected building automation and electrical power systems engineered to combat a natural disaster?
  4. Does your building’s automation system have a solution for an infectious disease containment engineered into its design?
  5. Have you considered your facility’s proximity to roadways and railways where accidents could occur, and how you will deal with the infiltration of toxic fumes, if an accident occurs?

– See more at: http://www.goodway.com/hvac-blog/#sthash.0RnbtD6g.dpuf

How to use Setpoint Systems Corporation Log books

Logbooks are provided to all customers as a tool to be able to document the care of your Delta system.  There are 7 sections to your logbook:

  • Emergency information
  •  Operators log
  •  Service logs
  •  Equipment log
  •  Temperature control drawings
  •  Database programs printout
  •  Operation and maintenance information
  •  Back-up disks

We would like to highlight a couple key sections below.  These are important to maintain to ensure we are addressing the items you would like with our Setpoint systems corporation service technician.

Please refer to the emergency section of this book for contact information should you have a controls emergency after hours or need immediate service.  Setpoint systems corporation provides a local and 1-800 number for your convenience. 1(800) 372-8837

The operators log is a tool for the user to manage in order to list and identify needs or items you would like to review with your building automation system. By logging this material, your service technician will check the log book, review the items listed, and track process on all items for your review in the service log section.  This will help to develop a plan and keep you updated on all developments so you can get the most out of your TSA visits.

Setpoint systems corporation will also provide you with an updated set of controls drawings for your log book, so you have a reference to look over a hard copy of your controls at any time.

Your Setpoint systems corporation Logbook will provide user friendly and accurate insight into how your system is being serviced.

We hope you find this tool helpful and always appreciate feedback. Learn More Here