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Ongoing training is critical for a successful business and a successful career for individuals.  Setpoint Systems’ commitment to training is unique in our industry.  We are not aware of any other systems integrator that provides nearly as much training to both customers and employees.


In 2013, Setpoint Systems trained over 200 customers in a total of 20 training sessions.  We also held 50 internal training sessions and had 25 new employees go through intensive 6-week training courses.  In total, we provided 1,900 hours of training.  A standard working year in the U.S. is 2,080 hours, which means we provided nearly constant training for the entire year!

So what’s in store for 2014?  Even more training!  We’re opening an office in Minnesota and will be training more customers and employees there.  We’ll be adding new customer training courses for products like enteliWEB for example.  Training will be a huge focus for us in the coming year, and all of our customers and employees will benefit!  We thank you for partnering with us in the past and look forward to sharing success in 2014 and beyond!

October/November Delta III Class

October/November Delta III Class

Denver Training Poll and Thank You

As you may know, Setpoint Systems has been offering free training for the life of your Delta Controls system for over 20 years and we’ve trained nearly 6,000 customers in that time.  We will keep offering free training and are always striving to improve and exceed your expectations.  One way we’d like to improve is by getting your feedback on which classes to schedule next.  If you have any particular class or classes you’d like to see scheduled soon, please use the following poll to indicate your preferences:  

We always like to thank our customers for their loyalty, and for allowing us to support and train them.  At this time, we’d like to thank our most recent training class–a Delta I class from this week in our California office:

Thank you for attending our September 2013 Delta I training class in California!

Thank you for attending our September 2013 Delta I training class in California!

We truly appreciate all of our customers, and are thrilled to read your comments regarding our company and the training and service we provide.  Here’s a quote from a customer who attended a class earlier this year:

“Outstanding program.  Setpoint Systems Corporation is head and shoulders above other companies I have dealt with…”  – Steven Walmsley