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Delta Controls – ORCAview Tip – Save graphic to HMI


Graphics for the enteliTOUCH touchscreen are very easy to load!  Highlight one or more graphics in the Navigator, right-click, and choose “Save as HMI Page…”  Graphics are transferred across the network, so you don’t have to go to each one individually.  This is a huge time-saver!

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enteliWEB 2.1 Facility Management Software- Key Features: Scheduling


Event scheduling in enteliWEB allows occupancy to be associated with specific date ranges or recurrences.


  • Special events or room rentals can be scheduled as one-time-only events.
  • Event descriptions i.e. “Yoga Class” are displayed on the event time block.
  • Colors distinguish between weekly schedules, ON events and OFF events.
  • Date ranges, recurring dates and recurring week and day events are supported.

Learn more at: http://deltacontrols.com/enteliweb or contact an account manager at Setpoint Systems Corporation for a live demo at: setpointsystems.com