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New customer training class – enteliWEB!

We’ve had many requests for this, and are pleased to announce a new training class–enteliWEB!  In case you haven’t heard about it, enteliWEB is web-based software which combines the power of enterprise dashboards with easy to use facility management tools. Customizable energy management dashboards and powerful energy reports give managers the tools to reduce consumption and lower costs.  Visualizing both energy management and facility management on a single dashboard makes it easy to close the loop between monitoring and control.

enteliWEB screen









In our two-day enteliWEB class, you will learn:

  • Capabilities and benefits of enteliWEB
  • Server requirements and licensing
  • Configuration and network connections
  • Integration with Historian
  • Managing multiple sites
  • Dashboards (enterprise, system, and personal)
  • Alarm management and tracking
  • Energy reports and metering
  • Activity logging
  • Importing ORCAweb graphics
  • Basics of enteliVIZ graphics

Whether you already have enteliWEB or are considering deploying it at your facility, this class will give you knowledge you need to better monitor and control energy use.  The class will be held in our Colorado office on April 3 and 4, 2014.  Click here to sign up! enteliWEB on tablet

A few spots available in Delta III class on 10/31

Our upcoming Delta III class just happens to start on Halloween.  That’s just a coincidence. …or is it?  There’s still room for a few more in the class so sign up and find out!Jack-o-lantern

Delta III is a fairly advanced class where you learn how to create an entire controller database from scratch.  The class also introduces concepts related to sharing information between controllers on a BACnet network.

Delta I and II are prerequisites for this class, so you must have attended those previously.  We’ll be announcing new sessions of those classes soon.  But if you’ve already attended and you’re ready for Delta III, just click here to sign up!  And since it’s Halloween you just might want to wear a costume to class…  And remember, our Delta Controls classes are FREE to our customers for the life of your system.